Upcoming Workshops


           I teach a variety of workshops in a group setting both on location and at our new rental studio, and a listing of my upcoming workshops is below. I also teach all of these subjects, and more, on a personal basis to individuals and small groups, who may learn more easily in that type of environment, or who have special needs or techniques they would like to develop more fully.


Upcoming Workshops: (the next workshop will be on Sunday afternoon, October 3rd, 2021. See below.)


Upcoming Workshops: Photography of the Ballet (Oct. 3rd) and BodyScapes (Oct. 17th)


Since I missed holding a workshop in September, I have two workshops coming up in October.


The first one, Photography of the Ballet, will be held on October 3rd, from 2-7 PM. Same time, but different location! I have arranged to rent an actual ballet studio, from the Berrend Dance Centre, located in Gaithersburg, just off of Shady Grove Road near I-270. More details on the location will be forthcoming as the time gets closer. The first dancer will be one of our favorites, Allison, and three photos of her ballet work are included below. Allison continues to amaze us with her skills and abilities! We will continue to explore her creativity by the use of special lighting and exposure techniques. The second dancer is a new one, Vivien, a dancer that is quite young but still an excellent ballet dancer and quite beautiful, who I envision as an excellent subject for photos of a budding child dancer, using mood photos and dance portraiture. I will have a selection of those types of images for us to use during the workshop. I do not have sample images of Vivien at this time. This workshop will cost $125 for the 5 hours, and be limited to 6 participants.


Breaking News: I have just received confirmation that for the second portion of the workshop, with the young ballet dancer, that her mother has agreed to be a ballet dancer with her daughter. The mother was a dancer with the Washington Ballet, still dances, and is now a ballet instructor at the Berrend Dance Centre, where I have been getting most of my ballet dancers and where we will be holding the Oct 3 workshop. THIS SHOULD BE FABULOUS!  I will be scanning the web for ideas on mother and child dancers, adult dancers with young dancer, both in dance attire, etc. This has so many possibilities!


The Bodyscapes Workshop below is now fully subscribed!: If you are interested and not signed up, send me your contact information and if there is enough interest I will try to schedule a repeat workshop next month: This second workshop is one that I have been suggesting for awhile, but had been unable to find the proper model. I have now found her! This is a BodyScaping Workshop, in which we will have a figurative model posing for us using very dark and shadowy lighting, often selecting only a small portion of the female figure to create abstract images of curves and shadows. There are three photos of her from her Model Mayhem web page below, which provide a feeling for her body type and photogenic possibilities, but she will be completely nude in the workshop. This workshop will explore dramatic lighting and composition techniques to create fine art images. The workshop will be held at our usual studio in the Serendipity Art Center Building, and will be held on Sunday afternoon, October 17, from 2-5 PM. The workshop is 3 hours in length, and we will  have our model for 2 hours, from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM. The cost will be $150 for this workshop, and will be limited to 6 participants. This workshop will use mostly continuous lighting, so up to 3 photographers can shoot at the same time.


I hope that one or more of the above workshops will be of interest to you, and I look forward to getting some excellent images from both of them!


You can sign up to either or both of the above workshops by using the PayPal widget below, on the left.



Past Workshop: Special Fashion Photo Techniques - Sunday, August 22nd, 2021


Dear Fellow Photographers,

I have scheduled my next workshop for Sunday afternoon, August 22nd. It will be a fashion workshop. Kenny Epps has quite a few new dresses and outfits for the models to wear, and we are going to using a lot of "lighting magic" to really make the photos come alive! Some of the techniques we will be using include:
          • color gels on backgrounds lights and/or kicker lights, using the aluminum foil light shapers we used at the last workshop;
          • selective movement of the models, using a combination of flash and continuous lighting;
          • selective movement of the camera during exposure (using continuous light, of course!) for a special effect (BRING YOUR
          • zooming your zoom lens during exposure; 
          • several new lens arttachments for getting special effects in your images...two that are home-made (anybody can do!)
                      and one purchased mirror attachment; and
          • new jewelry and face adornments looks
With regard to that zoom technique, you have seen examples of camera zoom outside, often at night, giving an interesting effect...what can we do in the studio with a zoom lens to give us a different and interesting effect with a fashion photograph? Come to the workshop and see!
We will have two models for this workshop, ModelKelly and Marisa. Three photos of each of them are below, so you can see what some of their fashion photographs look like. And, as I mentioned above, Kenny will be bringing some new outfits that he has recently obtained, that will provide the excellent format for our experimental fashion photography. And of course I will bring along a lot of my stuff, including accessories and the like.
If these words sound like this is something you would like to participate in, click on the PayPal widget just below the model photos to sign up. I have just updated this website with the workshop information, so there may be more cominbg in the future.  The cost is $125 for the 5 hour workshop. If you would prefer to have me send you a personal PayPal invoice, just email me that request and it will go out in a day or two. Remember, the workshop is limited to 6 participants, and if you are interested, don't wait!
Hope to see you at the workshop!


Past Workshop: Special Portrait Lighting Techniques - Sunday, July 11th, 2021


Dear Fellow Photographers,


The "official" name for the workshop is "The Many Faces of ModelKelly", since that is what we will be doing...photographing ModelKelly in many ways.


Last Saturday I had a test shoot with Kelly, along with John Dukes at John's home studio. We tried out some of the lighting that I want to use in the workshop, including the three new wigs I purchased for her. Everything went very well and we got some great images, some of which are shown below. I will have a number of additional lighting techniques at the workshop, that we were not able to implement at the test shoot. (Also below is a favorate image of mine, also taken at the test shoot, but embellished a bit!)


Any the end of the workshops, we usually have a little time left over. I plan to bring my laptop and can look at some of the images we get, and suggest techniques in LR/ACR and PS that will enhance these kinds of images. Sort of a Photoshop mini-class.


 I have permission to use a lobby area for the workshop if the studio is not available. The lobby area is 30 ft x 20 ft, and all white. I will be bringing both a white and black cloth background as well as the lights; it will be an excellent studio! I sent out a photo of the area in my latest email to my mailing list.


A reminder: this is a 4 hour workshop, starting at 2 PM on Sunday, July 11th, and we would be photographing Kelly for 3 hours - 2:30 to 5:30 PM; the cost is reduced to $100 due to the shorter time. Location: 12276 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, same building as the previous studio. Any questions, email me or call/text me at 240-883-2256. You would need to sign up using the PayPal widget on my website at www.donbeckerphotography.comSince you are already on my website, you can sign up using the PayPal widget located just below this writeup. And, if for some reason that should fail, just send me an email and I will forward a personalized PayPal invoice that you can use with your credit card to sign up for the workshop. 

Best regards,




Past Workshop: Outdoor Ballet - June 6th, 2021


The last photography workshop was on Sunday afternoon, June 6th, 2021, and the topic was "Outdoor Ballet". Instead of photographing the ballet dancers in the studio, we photographing them outside, using natural lighting, and using the backgrounds available to us in the area surrounding our usual studio for the dancers to pose in. 


We started out in the parking area to the rear of the studio building at 12276 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD. There are many nearby buildings and areas where we can get some very interesting backgrounds, including walls, porches, railings, steps, vegetation,  etc. We have done this once before, and I sent examples of these types of photos to everybody on my mailing list from my previous Outdoor Ballet workshop. (Note: if you do not already receive emails from me, send me an email if you would like to be added to my mail list...don@donbeckerphotography.com).


 In addition to the email examples I mentioned above, people attending the workshop received several pages of examples of outside ballet photographs, taken from the internet.


Some examples of the photographs I obtained during this workshop are below. If you attended, I hope that you did even better than I did! We did have a full complement of participants, and everybody seemed to have a great time...although I do admit that it was a little warmed than I would have liked!




Past Workshop: Fashion Variations - April 18th, 2021


My next workshop is entitled "Fashion: Variations", and will be held on Sunday afternoon, April 18th, from 2-7 PM. It will be held at the Studio 76 studio, and the location and information about the studio (including directions) are on the studio website at www.mystudio76.com. The cost is $125 for the 5 hour workshop. 


The variations will include studio fashion, plus "hallway fashion" (fashion photos taken outside the studio but still inside the building, including hallways, nooks and crannies, the upstairs lobby area, and a number of other inside locations. In addition, we will be doing some location photography outside the building (but close by), using natural lighting with possibly some auxiliary lighting as well. The inside studio photographs will include use of color gels, as well as variations on the white balance to get special effects. Note that the third photo of ModelKelly in her set below was taken at a previous workshop using tungsten white balance with studio flash, giving a very interesting color effect the I like a lot.

I have booked two great models for this workshop, the first session with beautiful ModelKelly (see her three photos in the first set below), and the second session with the spectacular Kat Fox, an excellent commercial fashion model that everybody loved at my January 10th Fashion & Silhouettes Workshop. Keep in mind that the workshop is limited to 6 participants, so if you are interested don't hesitate to sign up right away. The last workshop was full, and I expect this one to be full also. Signups are below using the PayPal widget below the photos along with your credit card to sign up.
Now, below is a set of photos of MdelKelly from the March 21st Workshop.  The first one is a posed image with her seated on the floor and using a jeweled forehead necklace; the second one is a 5 second time exposure in a totally dark studio with the flash being fired twice by hand while Kelly was twirling and jumping. Both jumps in the image were nearly perfect! The third photo is the one from a previous workshop, with the camera set on tungsten white balance while using the studio flash. I really like the blue tones of that image, set off by the golden hair and skin and the red lips! I will be trying that techniques again at the next workshop.
The second set of three photos are of Kat Fox, our second model for the 18th. These were taken one from my Silhouettes workshop, and two from a test shoot of Kat. She is an outstanding model and we will be sure of getting many great photos of her at the workshop.
The last 3 images below are of Rachel, our ballet dancer from the Washington Ballet at the Photography of the Ballet Workshop. I wanted to include them here to show everybody what we are getting at the ballet workshops. Note that two of the three images are from photos I took from the sidelines, while others were shooting, and NOT using the studio flash. The one on the far right had so much equipment and off background problems that I had to use a number of rather radical PS techniques to make it usable. However, I liked her jump so much I was willing to do that. Note that the sidelines exposures were 1/125 second at f8 with the ISO at 3200 on my Nikon D800 camera and a 28-200 Nikkor lens.
What kind of creative images will you be taking at our next workshop?


Immediate Past Workshop - Photography of the Ballet: Special Lighting Techniquies - 2


As an add-on to my last workshop, I held a "Special Lighting Techniques - 2" workshop to cover some of the things we did not get to last time, plus some new ones. First, I am pleased to report that I have obtained the services of a ballet dancer from the Washington Ballet, Rachel Rohrich, for our first dancer for my March 21st workshop. I do not have any photos of her, but if you Google her you can see several of her videos on YouTube. We will be using her for both some 45 degree lighting including jumps, as well as the hatchet/rim lighting that we did some of last workshop. That lighting defines the body so well, creating great compositional interest. (Note- See three photos of her in the workshop description, above).
The second dancer will be ModelKelly, which we will use for both some creative artistic ballet poses (which did not work go well in the first workshop due primarily to the initial shooting schedule selected), but for which I will create a number of well defined poses for appropriate props, and for some slow shutter speed/ballet blur techniques illustrated by two images below. Kelly and her beautiful  hair will work well for both of those types of photos. (Note: One photo from each of those techniqes are also included in the photos above.)
As usual the workshop will be held at the Studio 76 location in Rockville, MD. More informatrion about the studio including the address and a map showing it's location can be found at www.mystudio76.com. The workshop will start promptly at 2:00 PM and end at 7:00 PM.
I will send out a longer workshop announcement in a couple of days, but I wanted to get this one out as soon as I was able to get the confirmation of the dancers we will be using. As usual, signup is on my webpage at www.donbeckerphotography.com on the "Upcoming Workshops" page (widget is below this writeup), and the cost is $125 for the 5 hour workshop, 2 PM to 7 PM. Participants are limited to only 6 (and 4 have already signed up a few hours after sending the initial email out) so don't wait if you are interested.
Hope to see you there!


Past Workshop - Photography of the Ballet - Sunday afternoon, February 28, 2021


          On February 28th I held a "Photography of the Ballet: Special lighting Techniques - 1 Workshop, held at the Studio 76 location in Rockville, MD. More informatrion about the studio including the address and a map showing it's location can be found at www.mystudio76.com. The workshop will start promptly at 2:00 PM and end at 7:00 PM. This workshop will use two new dancers, Aliya and Allison, which I have never before used for a workshop. Three photos of each of them are below. They are wonderful dancers and I am sure we will be able to get many excellent images of them.


          For this workshop, in addition to some of the ballet poses and jumps that these dancers are really good at, we will be designing some artistic ballet poses, using accessories and props, to create what I call "ballet art". I have sent out some examples of these kinds of images with my emails to my mailing list so will not include them here; if you might be interested in seeing what I sent out and wish to be added to my mailing list, just send me a request at don@donbeckerphotography.com.


          Another type of artistic ballet image we will be doing at this workshop is what I call "ballet line art". This is special lighting which defines the edges of the ballet dancers with a very thin line of edge lighting, against a black background. This is somewhat similar to the "hatchet lighting" that I have used in the past, but the edge lines are much thinner. There are several ways that this can be done, and we will be experimenting with them to see which works best.


          Finally, I am having the dancers overlap for 1/2 hour, so we have the opportunity to photograph both of them at the same time, in the same image. We did this once before, and got some really nice images from it. However, since this will shorten the overall time we will be photographing the dancers, I will be bringing my laptop to the workshop, and any extra time we have I will demonstrate some of the Photoshop techniques I use to process my ballet images. I have had multiple workshop participants request that.


          So, that is a summary of what will happen in this Feb 28 workshop. There are only two spaces left, so if you want to attend be sure to sign up right away. If the workshop fills and there are enough people still interested in attending, I will consider repeating the workshop perhaps two weeks later, depending on dancer availability. If you want to be added to the list, be sure to email me.


          As usual during this pandemic, the following will be mandated:  the workshop is limited to a maximum of 6 participants; a forehead temperature will be required upon arrival; the studio will have been sanitized before starting; and 70% alcohol sanitizer will be available for use by participants. You can sign up on my "upcoming Workshops" page on my website at www.donbeckerphotography.com (below), and the cost of the workshop is $125 as usual. Once 6 people have signed up, the workshop will be closed. If you wish to sign up, please use the PayPal widget below with your credit card. Or, if you prefer, send me an email and I will send you a personal PayPal invoice.


           I hope to see you on the 28th!





                            Past Workshop - Sunday afternoon, January 10th, 2021 -

                                       "Silhouettes, Semi-Silhouettes, and Darkness"


Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year to all of you! My primary New Year's wish is for this pandemic and lockdown to come to an end!


I hope you are planning to gift YOURSELF for this Christmas and for the New Year! And, I have just the thing for you. On January 10th, Sunday afternoon, starting at 2:00 PM and lasting until 7:00 PM, I will hold my first workshop of the New Year. The topic is: "Silhouettes, Semi-Silhouettes, and Darkness".  This will be a study in low key fashion and beauty photography. 


The models I have reserved for this workshop include Kat, a new model that I have only used for a test shoot so far. She is a 5'10" beauty that has a long resume and was fantastic in our test shoot in Studio 76 about two weeks ago. Below are three photos from that test shoot, photos of which have already been accepted for publication in two different online fashion and beauty magazines! During that test shoot I came up with several new lighting systems, some of which you see in the three photos of Kat below.


The second model is ModelKelly, a favorite of mine and I know of yours as well. I have a test shoot set up with Kelly for next week in which I will be trying out several additional new lighting techniques. Three of my favorite images for ModelKelly are below also.


I am excited to bring this new workshop to you on the 10th, a Sunday afternoon, starting at 2:00 PM in the new Studio 76 on Wilkins Ave. There are several outstanding aspects of this studio that allow some new techniques, and some that just make old techniques simpler. Please join us for this workshop, you won't be sorry!


As usual during this pandemic, the following will be mandated:  the workshop is limited to a maximum of 6 participants; a forehead temperature will be required upon arrival; the studio will have been sanitized before starting; and alcohol sanitizer will be available for use by participants. You can sign up on my "upcoming Workshops" page on my website at www.donbeckerphotography.com", and the cost of the workshop is $125 as usual. Once 6 people have signed up, the workshop will be closed. If you wish to sign up, please use the PayPal widget below with your credit card. Or, if you prefer, send me an email and I will send you a personal PayPal invoice.


May you all have a very happy Holidays!




Past Workshop: Outdoor Ballet - Sunday afternoon, October 18th, 2020 - from 2 to 5 PM


         This workshop with be a variation from my normal, in-studio workshops. We will be working with Ballet Dancer Kelsey and posing her with local architectural structures to create interesting views and looks. This workshop is shorter than most, lasting 3 hours, from 2-5 PM. The cost is also reduced, and is $75 for the workshop. Kelsey is one of our favorite ballet models, and we look forward to exploring this new venue with her. The participation will be limited to 5 photographers, so if this sounds interesting to you don't hesitate! We will likely drive to a number of nearby areas to take advantage of interesting structures, and will use my 8 passenger minivan for transportation.




Past Workshop: Studio Fashion Photography - Sunday, November 15th, 2020 - from 2-7 PM


          This fashion photography workshop will revert to my usual type of workshop, i.e., 5 hours in length, and with two different models. One of the things we will be trying is working with a clothes designer. I am in contact with a clothes designer that will bring some new and different types of outfits for our models to wear. We will also be able to explore all of the facets of our new studio, and see what new and different lighting techniques we can use to highlight the special characteristics of the fashion items. I have one new fashion model lined up for this workshop so far, and am now looking for just the right second model for our shoot. One of the things we will be trying is to incorporate movement into our fashion looks...both from multiple exposures as well as with slow shutter speeds and actual blurred movement. This can also be done with color gels on the lights to add a three-dimensional effect. This workshop will be 5 hours in length, and the cost is $125. You can sign up using the PayPal widget below for registration and payment. (Note: Just below the Immediate Past Workshop writeup.)


Past Workshop: Ballet Beauty - Sunday afternoon, Sept.27, 2020

from 2:00 pm to 7 pm, at the Studio 76 (12276 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD)


          My first "Post-Pandemic" workshop was “Ballet Beauty”, and we had two of our most beautiful ballet dancers for this workshop. They were Kelly and Brenda, and 3 phots of each are below. I think you will agree that this was a very successful workshop!


          For this first workshop, we limited the number of photographers to a maximun of 6 (we actually had 5, because one had to drop out at the last minute), in order to facilitate social distancing in the studio and improved photographer access to shooting. I also have a forehead temperature device to monitor all participants, and they may be required to wear masks (if mandated by the state or county). The models of course will not wear a mask. It is my understanding that groups of 10 people or less are currently allowed in meetings, so including models and me we will stay inside that 10 person limit.


          The new photography studio is now completed from it's remodeling, so you are seeing photos that were taken in the completed studio. We have decided that the name of the studio will be "Studio 76", incorporating the last two digits of the address. It is located in the lower level of the building, and can be accessed primarily through the door from the large parking lot in the rear of the building. More information will be given to people who sign up for workshops. Studio 76 will also be available for rental at a very reasonable cost, in case you have a personal photographic project you are interested working on. Contact me for more information about that, and/or visit the studio website at www.mystudio76.com.

          As you can see in the photos, the studio walls have been painted, and the back wall is a pure flat white, so in many cases it can be used directly as the background without needing background paper or muslin. Paper and muslin backgrounds are also available if desired. There is also a pure flat black side wall, so if a black background is desired and a long throw is not required, then that can also be used directly as a background. The room also has a new, dark wood paneled floor, which photographs very well.  (We used both the white and the black walls for all of the backgrounds in this workshop.)
          The studio also has a large pegboard on one wall, for storage of equipment and accessories. Together with a large storage cabinet and some shelving for holding accessories and additional lighting equipment and stands, there is more than enough space to store and provide easy access to necessary studio equipment.
          I received a lot of very positive comments about the workshop from participants, and as you can see the results were excellent. The photos below are all my photos, taken with very little shooting time compared to all of the participants, so I am sure they have many more as good or better than mine.
If you missed this one, you missed a good one! But more are coming...probably a fashion photography workshop on Sunday afternoon, November 15, and I am trying to put together an outside ballet workshop for Sunday afternoon, October 18th. The outside one will be a little tricky, not sure exactly how I am going to do that one, but likely have only one ballet dancer, and will drive to various locations in my vehicle (an 8 passenger mini-van) with the dancer and all participants. More information will be coming later.




Other Workshops 


          I also have implemented something I call "Workshops on Demand", where an individual or small

group may prefer to have a workshop or instruction in a limited situation. These can be tailor-made to

take place at any location or at any time.


          Below is a listing of workshops that I have taught at various times.  Most of my workshops will be 5 hours in length and taught on a Sunday afternoon, from 2 PM to 7 PM, although I am available on most days and at most times for "Workshops on Demand" or personal instruction.  I have a substantial knowledge of both Lightroom CC and (especially) Photoshop CC for use in my photography, in order to make my images the very best that they can be, and I am available to teach most aspects of digital image modification as well.


          I am also available for talks, short workshops or judging for photography organizations in the Metro DC area (including NoVA and Baltimore), including camera clubs and photography competitions. (And elsewhere with travel and accommodations paid.)


          Please contact me directly at don(at)donbeckerphotography.com or by phone at 301-949-0473 (home) to obtain more information. Registration for workshops or other payment is above using your credit card and the PayPal link. Or, if preferred, upon request I can send you a PayPal invoice, which you can then use with your credit or debit card to register for any workshop or other instruction.


     Workshops Available


High Key and Low Key Photography: Portraiture, Beauty and Glamour

Photography of the Ballet 

Macro, Copy and Closeup Photography

Studio Fashion Photography 

Dynamic Studio Lighting Techniques

Outdoor Portraiture
Lighting Techniques for Portraiture

Street Photography (Annapolis)

Street Photography (Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, Philadelphia)

Street Photography (Rockville Town Center)

Makeup and Lighting Techiques for Fashion and Beauty

One-Light Portraiture


Thank you and I hope to see you in one of my future workshops!

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