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           I teach a variety of workshops in a group setting both on location and at a rental studio, and a listing of my upcoming workshops is below. I also teach all of these subjects, and more, on a personal basis to individuals and small groups, who may learn more easily in that type of environment, or who have special needs or techniques they would like to develop more fully.

          To see some of the photos and my comments from past workshops, visit my "Blog" page by clicking on the Blog heading at the top of this page.

Upcoming Workshops: (the next workshop will be on Sunday afternoon, December 9, 2018. See below.)


Makeup and Lighting Techniques for Beauty, Fashion and Glamour -

Sunday, December 9th, 2018 - 2 PM to 7 PM - Cost = $125

Location: The Southlawn Studio in Rockville, MD (657 Southlawn Lane, Rockville, MD 20850)



My next workshop is "Makeup and Lighting Techniques for Beauty, Fashion and Gamour" Workshop, to be held on Sunday afternoon, December 9th.  I have already booked the beautiful and photogenic Samantha as our model.  Samantha is both a great model, as well as a MUA (MakeUp Artist), and she will come to the workshop well scrubbed but with no makeup on at all. We can take a photo of her that way.  Then, at the start of the workshop, Samantha will do her complete makeup (and hair) in front of the class, with lights on so that you can take photographs of her while she is doing it. Many photographers have little idea of what all is involved with makeup and hair; in reality, the changes that can be made are fantastic! I feel that it is very useful (for people photographers especially) to know what can be done with makeup, what to recommend to your models, and how to achieve the optimum output.


I will keep a running commentary alongside her makeup process, describing alternative and supplementary procedures for getting the "right look". Many of you probably do not know this, but I can do complete makeup myself, and have often done it on my personal model shoots. I will show my makeup case that I use, and all of the items that are important to getting a certain look. I also show below several "before and after" photos of models below, demonstrating what can be done with makeup.


The makeup portion should take about 30-45 minutes, and after that we get to photograph Samantha in a variety of different beauty, fashion and glamour wardrobe with a large number of lighting setups, each one designed to show her at her best for the type of outfit she is wearing - everything from glamorous glittery sequins with flashy lighting, to seductive wraps with low key "double key soft" lighting. She promised to bring about 8 different changes of wardrobe, and I will have a few additional ones of my own for her to wear. Sometimes, as she changes from one setup to the next, we will change her makeup as well, to better fit the mood of the shoot setup.


For those of you who might be interested in the "glamour makeover" type of shoot, this workshop is a must do! You will see from start to finish what is necessary to make an ordinary girl look extraordinary. Some of this you can do in the computer, with PortraitPro or other programs, but if you capture it in the original image, it is so much simpler that trying to do it on each individual frame!


And of course, I will also have the Nikon and Canon Lensbaby lenses available for use by anyone interested, including my Nikon D3 camera with the lensbaby on it, for anyone to use. (Bring your own CF card with you, if you want to take your photos home with you; otherwise you will have to wait until I send them to you!) The selective blur effect you can get from a Lensbaby lens can add an interesting effect to your glamour images especially, and in my opinion they are far superior to computer blur effects or most blur filters! Three photos of Samantha from one of my previous workshops are shown below.


The workshop will again be at the excellent Southlawn Studio, on Southlawn Lane in Rockville, and will be from 2 – 7 PM as usual. (Note: See their new website which has all of their information and equipment described in detail... what you get when you rent their studio ! An outstanding deal!)


So, get ready to sign up for this fun and creative workshop, and start thinking about what poses YOU will want to shoot!  Several previous attendees have gotten images that have done extremely well in camera club competitions, including a “Photo of the Year” Award; maybe your's will be next?


This is a shooting workshop with model provided, and all participants will have the opportunity to shoot each wardrobe change and lighting setup. Also, each participant will receive a signed non-commercial model release, allowing them to use any photo they take for their portfoio, website, competition, etc. We will not stop for eating, but you are welcome to snack during the workshop.


You can sign up with the PayPal link below. Or, if you prefer, email me and I will send you a personal PayPal invoice that you can use with your credit card to register and pay for the workshop.  The cost is $125 for the 5 hour workshop; and,as usual, the class size will be limited to 10 participants.


I am excited to be doing this great workshop again! It has been at least several years since I have done it, and it always seems to end up with some outstanding photos!.





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Other Workshops 


          I also have implemented something I call "Workshops on Demand", where an individual or small

group may prefer to have a workshop or instruction in a limited situation. These can be tailor-made to

take place at any location or at any time.


          Below is a listing of workshops that I have taught at various times.  Most of my workshops will be 5 hours in length and taught on a Sunday afternoon, from 2 PM to 7 PM, although I am available on most days and at most times for "Workshops on Demand" or personal instruction.  I have a substantial knowledge of both Lightroom CC and (especially) Photoshop CC for use in my photography, in order to make my images the very best that they can be, and I am available to teach most aspects of digital image modification as well.


          I am also available for talks, short workshops or judging for photography organizations in the Metro DC area (including NoVA and Baltimore), including camera clubs and photography competitions. (And elsewhere with travel and accommodations paid.)


          Please contact me directly at don(at)donbeckerphotography.com or by phone at 301-949-0473 (home) to obtain more information. Registration for workshops or other payment is above using your credit card and the PayPal link.


     Workshops Available


High Key and Low Key Photography: Portraiture, Beauty and Glamour

Photography of the Ballet 

Macro, Copy and Closeup Photography

Studio Fashion Photography 

Dynamic Studio Lighting Techniques

Outdoor Portraiture
Lighting Techniques for Portraiture

Street Photography (Annapolis)

Street Photography (Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, Philadelphia)

Street Photography (Rockville Town Center)

Makeup and Lighting Techiques for Fashion and Beauty

One-Light Portraiture


Thank you and I hope to see you in one of my future workshops!

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