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          I teach a variety of workshops in a group setting both on location and at a rental studio, and a listing of my upcoming workshops is below. I also teach all of these subjects, and more, on a personal basis to individuals and small groups, who may learn more easily in that type of environment, or who have special needs or techniques they would like to develop more fully.


   Upcoming Workshops: (these will begin in February, 2018) - Cost: $125.00 each


          Photography of the Ballet - Sunday, February 25th, 2018 - 2 PM to 7 PM - Cost = $125

              Location: Southlawn Studios - 657 Southlawn Lane, Rockville MD - (next to Pilot Imaging)

              This 5 hour workshop will include 4 hours of actual shooting with the ballet dancers (2 dancers, 2 hours each),

                plus instruction on the lighting setups, suggestions in finding and working with with dancers, and  

                demonstrations of the best poses to use with ballet dancers. Flash sync devices will be provided to use with

                your camera hot shoe that will sync with the studio flash system. We will not stop for eating, but snacks are

                allowed during the workshop.


          Dynamic Studio Lighting Techniques - Sunday, April 8th, 2018 - 2 PM to 7 PM - Cost = $125

              Location: Southlawn Studios - 657 Southlawn Lane, Rockville MD - (next to Pilot Imaging)

              This workshop will include 4 hours of actual shooting with the model, plus extensive instruction on the

                various lighting equipment, their use, and setups needed to create stunning portrait, fashion and beauty

                images. Also included will be discussions on where to find models, the importance of makeup (either on the

                model or in the computer, or both), accessories and wardrobe. Flash sync devices will be provided to use with

                your camera hot shoe that will sync with the studio flash system. We will not stop for eating, but snacks are

                allowed during the workshop.


  You can use the PayPal link below to register and pay for any of the workshops:



I also have implemented something I call "Workshops on Demand", where an individual or small

group may prefer to have a workshop or instruction in a limited situation. These can be tailor-made to

take place at any location or at any time.


          Below that is a listing of workshops that I have taught at various times at MPW (2016-2017) and/or at the WSP (1981-2016).  Most of my workshops will be 5 hours in length and taught on a Sunday afternoon, from 2 PM to 7 PM.  I have a substantial knowledge of both Lightroom CC and (especially) Photoshop CC for use in my photography, in order to make my images the very best that they can be, and I am available to teach most aspects of digital image modification as well.


          I am also available for talks, short workshops or judging for photography organizations in the Metro DC area (including NoVA and Baltimore), including camera clubs and photography competitions.


          Please contact me directly at don(at)donbeckerphotography.com or by phone at 301-949-0473 (home) to obtain more information. Registration is above using your credit card and the PayPal link.


     Workshops previously taught at MPW and/or WSP:


High Key and Low Key Photography: Portraiture, Beauty and Glamour

Photography of the Ballet 

Macro, Copy, and Closeup Photography: Images

Macro, Copy and Closeup Photography: Equipment and Techniques

Studio Fashion Photography 

Dynamic Studio Lighting Techniques

Basic Studio Techniques: Lighting, Equipment and Methods

Lighting Techniques for Portraiture

Glamour Portraiture and Model Headshots 

Makeup and Lighting Techiques for Fashion and Beauty

One-Light Portraiture

Outdoor Portraiture

Preteen and Teen Portraiture

Camera System Testing and Evaluation 

Dynamic Digital Color: Understanding and Creating Images with Impact

Studio Lighting in a Day (3 hour workshop)



Other Potential Workshops or Instruction Topics:


Basic Digital Photography (see further topics below)

Understanding and Using your On-Camera Flash

Environmental Portraiture of Artists in their Studio

Nature Photography

Street photography: What is it & How do you do it?

Street Photography: DC Monuments

Street Photography: "Found" vs "Created" Images

Long Exposure Photography



Possible Instructional Topics:


• Controlling Your Camera Exposure: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

• Image Control: Depth-of-Field, Subject Motion, and Sensor Noise

• The Histogram: Correct Exposure and Exposure Compensation

• Color: The Color of Light and White Balance Selection

• Focusing Techniques: Auto-focus and Manual Focus

• Composing: Selecting and Using Different Lenses; Prime vs Zoom Lenses

• The Image: Cropping, Framing, and Composition

• Exposure Controls: Manual Mode vs Automated Modes

• Light Quality: Source Size, Shadows, and Contrast

• The Studio: Flash vs Continuous Lighting

• Natural Light and Available Light



Thank you and I hope to see you in one of my future workshops!

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