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           I teach a variety of workshops in a group setting both on location and at a rental studio, and a listing of my upcoming workshops is below. I also teach all of these subjects, and more, on a personal basis to individuals and small groups, who may learn more easily in that type of environment, or who have special needs or techniques they would like to develop more fully.

          To see some of the photos and my comments from past workshops, visit my "Blog" page by clicking on the Blog heading at the top of this page.

Upcoming Workshops: (the next workshop will be on Sunday afternoon, February 24, 2019. See below.)


 The "Makeup and Lighting Techniques for Beauty, Fashion and Gamour" Workshop held on Sunday afternoon, December 9th, what a great event!  See the writeup and a few photos on my Blog potion of this website!


Workshop: "One Light Portraiture" - Sunday afternoon, 2-7 PM, February 24th, 2019


On Februaty 24th is my next workshop, "One Light Portraiture". I think that all photographers at one time or another wanted to take a portrait or two, but felt that their equipment was not adequate for the job.  NOT TRUE! We will examine the many lighting setups that only use one single light as the only lighting source. You can get a tremendous range of looks with just one light, ranging from high key pinup lighting to low key portraits of many kinds, including silhouette lighting. And that light can be either a single studio strobe light, like we will be using in the workshop, or even a single 100 watt light in a cheap Home Depot reflector! (With current digital DSLRs, you can shoot at ISO 1600 or even 3200 and suffer very little loss of image quality!) 


 I currently have 10 different lighting setups diagrammed to hand out at this workshop using only one light. Double that if you want to include with- or without a reflector.  Challenge yourself, to see if YOU can come up with any different or exotic lighting setups that only use one light! 


And, of course, we will have two outstandingly beautiful and talented models to work with, Kelly and Jessica, with example photos for each of them shown below.  I have worked with Jessica once before, at my Outdoor Portraiture workshop, but Kelly is completely new to my workshops; and she is a gorgeous! This workshop will guarantee a lot of outstanding images, plus learning new lighting tricks that you can do with only one light! 


This workshop will be held from 2 PM to 7 PM on Sunday afternoon, February 24th, 2019, at the excellent Southlawn Studios, in Rockville, MD. As is usual, the cost for the 5 hour workshop is $125, including an extensive handout and a signed model release from each model. Signup on my website (www.donbeckerphotography.com) using your credit card and the PayPal link, or email me and I can send you a private PayPal invoice that you can use to register for the class.


Don’t miss this experience, it will be a great one!


After the workshop above, my topic of my following workshop has changed, and will be one of my classic workshops, "Photography of the Ballet".  It will be held on Sunday afternoon, April 7th, from 2-7 PM. I have found two completely new ballet dancers/models, and they are fantastic! I will send out pictures of them with my next emailing. Stay tuned for more information about this workshop!



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Other Workshops 


          I also have implemented something I call "Workshops on Demand", where an individual or small

group may prefer to have a workshop or instruction in a limited situation. These can be tailor-made to

take place at any location or at any time.


          Below is a listing of workshops that I have taught at various times.  Most of my workshops will be 5 hours in length and taught on a Sunday afternoon, from 2 PM to 7 PM, although I am available on most days and at most times for "Workshops on Demand" or personal instruction.  I have a substantial knowledge of both Lightroom CC and (especially) Photoshop CC for use in my photography, in order to make my images the very best that they can be, and I am available to teach most aspects of digital image modification as well.


          I am also available for talks, short workshops or judging for photography organizations in the Metro DC area (including NoVA and Baltimore), including camera clubs and photography competitions. (And elsewhere with travel and accommodations paid.)


          Please contact me directly at don(at)donbeckerphotography.com or by phone at 301-949-0473 (home) to obtain more information. Registration for workshops or other payment is above using your credit card and the PayPal link. Or, if preferred, upon request I can send you a PayPal invoice, which you can then use with your credit or debit card to register for any workshop or other instruction.


     Workshops Available


High Key and Low Key Photography: Portraiture, Beauty and Glamour

Photography of the Ballet 

Macro, Copy and Closeup Photography

Studio Fashion Photography 

Dynamic Studio Lighting Techniques

Outdoor Portraiture
Lighting Techniques for Portraiture

Street Photography (Annapolis)

Street Photography (Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, Philadelphia)

Street Photography (Rockville Town Center)

Makeup and Lighting Techiques for Fashion and Beauty

One-Light Portraiture


Thank you and I hope to see you in one of my future workshops!

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