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Below are a number of photographs of the new photography studio located in the Serendipity Art Center Building at 12276 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852. The Studio is now completed from it's remodeling, but it has recently been leased by an individual and is therefore NOT available for use by interested residents of the Building or for rental by outside users. 


The studio is located in the lower level of the Serendipity Arts Center Building, and can be accessed primarily through the door from the large parking lot in the rear of the building. A lower street level door is also available for those with heavy equipment transportation or limited mobility. I may be able to rent use of the studio for my workshops at a later date, but for now I am using a very nice open lobby area on the 2nd floor (= parking lot floor).


For the initial renovation, the studio walls were painted with the back wall a pure flat white, so in many cases can be used directly as a background without the need for background paper or muslin.  There is also a pure flat black side wall, so if a black background is desired and a long throw is not required, then that can also be used directly as a background. The room has a new, dark wood paneled floor, which photographs very well.


The studio also has shelving and a large pegboard on one wall, for storage of equipment and accessories. All together there is plenty of space to store and provide easy access for additional lighting equipment, light stands, power cords and lighting accessories, photo umbrellas (both white shoot-thru and black covered), background stands, flash transmitters and receivers, and other necessary studio equipment, all provided in the studio for renters.


For photographers this studio is a true time-saving space for meeting customers shooting, with no extra time needed for set-up or tear down. This facility may also be of interest for models, as a location to meet with out-of-town photographers at a safe and local location. This is a clean, professional studio and is a safe place in a good part of town. Studio Rates are $30 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. Longer rental times can be made at a discounted cost. The studio should be reserved at least 24 hours in advance for non-resident photographers and models. Other details are found on the at the contact information below.


I hope that the availability of this studio will prove to be a benefit to all of the residents of the Serendipity Art Center Building as well as to many other photographers and models in their creative endeavors. You can get more information as well as sign up to rent the studio by contacting Serendipity Art Center Building at 301-230-1414 (Weekdays, 10 Am - 4 PM) or by email at serendipityartcenter@gmail.com.

For those people who might be interested, I will be holding studio photography workshops (by Don Becker Photography Workshops) in the studio one or more times per month, usually on Sunday afternoons from 2-7 PM. My next workshop is "Outside Ballet Photography", and we will have two beautiful models/dancers there posing for us (at separate times). For these workshops, I am planning to limit the number of participants to 6, in order to facilitate social distancing in the studio and and also to provide improved photographer access to shooting. With regard to persons concerned about the COVID-19 virus, I will have a forehead temperature device to monitor all participants, and they may be required to wear masks (if currently mandated by the state or county). The models of course will not wear a mask. It is my understanding that groups of 10 people are currently allowed in such meetings, so including models and me we will stay inside that 10 person limit. If you are interested you can learn more and sign up on my website at www.donbeckerphotography.com under "Upcoming Workshops". This is a paid workshop. 

Information: Serendipity Art Center Building

Phone: 301-230-1414. (Weekdays, 10 AM - 4 PM)

Email: serendipityartcenter (at) gmail.com 


For additonal information you can also contact me (Don Becker) at don@donbeckerphotography.com.




Contact information for me at Don Becker Photography is as follows:


Address: 3152 Gracefield Road, # 322

               Silver Spring, MD  20904             


Email: don(at)donbeckerphotography.com


Phone: 240-867-3710 (home)



My workshops are mainly held in the First Rock Studio, located at 12216 Parklawn Ave, Rockville, MD 20852. Please note that I am usually at the Studio only during my workshops. My ballet workshops are sometimes held at a dance studio.


Please see the "Upcoming Workshops" section of this website to learn about photographic servics that I offer, or contact me with questions at the Email address or phone number above.




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