The above photos are examples of my photography from both workshops that I have taught, and my private and commercial photo shoots. If you are interested in having the opportunity to take photographs like these, look at the "Upcoming Workshops" section of this website to see what is coming up in the near future. And, feel free to email me about photography opportunities that you might like to become a part of. 

          I am an experienced and professional photographer, photographic educator and photographic artist. I have been involved in photography for many years, and created Don Becker Photography in 1976. This website was created to provide both existing and potential clients with information about my services, as well as to exhibit some of my images to show clients, friends and others. My attention to service and quality has made customer satisfaction a primary objective, and I constantly strive to exceed your expectations.


         I grew up with film, but am now totally dedicated to both creative digital capture and to the skills and techniques required to enhance your images to show them at their very best. In addition to my personal commercial and fine art photography, I have taught all types of photography at the Washington School of Photography and the Maryland Photographic Workshops for over 35 years. Since the demise of both of the above educational institutions, I have decided to continue offering some of my best workshops locally in the Silver Spring / Rockville area of Montgomery County, MD. Use this website to get detailed information about me and the services I offer. I look forward to working with you! And be sure to visit my Photo Galleries at the links above to see some more of my photographs!


          You also will want to visit the "Upcoming Workshops" link on this website... see the link above on top line. I add  Information on both my upcoming and past workshops there, along with a few photos taken at those workshops. The "Upcoming Workshops" section leads off with the nearest upcoming photographic workshop, with the hope that you will find it interesting and worthy of attending (if not already full).


          Please keep in mind that in addition to scheduled workshops, I also offer "personal workshops"

(1 on 1 tutoring and mentoring) at a reasonable hourly cost compared to that of a scheduled workshop.  That is particularly useful for individuals who feel they need help with the fundamentals of their cameras or specific photographic techniques, before they undertake a personal project or a scheduled workshop or studio shoot. I am very patient and work well with all levels of experience.


         Photography is a fantastic tool, and whether you wish to use it for your creative personal art projects, for your business to make some extra money, or for all of the above, if you don't allow photography to help you see and experience things that you ordinarily would miss, in my opinion you are missing out on a significant part of your life. Photography can be a doorway into unlimited future experiences. It has done that for me!


Don Becker


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