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Take a look at my image galleries described below to learn more about my photography.  As of now there are six galleries - links to each are shown above - General; Fashion; Beauty; Ballet; Washington Ballet - Historical; Macro: and Nature. Click above on the one you would like to look at; and then click on the next one....


General: Includes many different subjects, including Buildings, Landscapes, Abstracts, Portraits, etc.


Fashion: Examples of my fashion photography, from formal fashion shoots (with makeup artists and hair/wardrobe stylists) as well as from some of my fashion workshops and individual portfolio shoots.


Beauty: Most of these are from either my workshops or from test shoots I do with prospective models before I will book them for paid jobs modeling for my workshops.


Ballet: These photographs are mostly from private shoots, from my ballet workshops, or from testing new dancers for my workshops.


The Washington Ballet - Historical: From 1971 through the early 2000's I photographed the Washington Ballet at many of their dress rehearsals. Mary Day used my photographs of the company and individual dancers for publication in magazines and their newsletters. Most of the photographs shown here are from  the 1970's and 1980's, using Kodak Tri-X Black & White film (ISO 400, push processed to 1600).


Macro: These macro photographs were taken both at my "Macro, Copy and Closeup Photography" workshop and as personal artistic images.


Nature: Photographs of nature can take all forms, from a vast panoramic view of a mountain range, to a macro photograph of a few small seeds. Whatever the form, the beauty of God's creation is all around us.


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