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          I am available for both commercial and personal photography, as well as for photographic instruction and mentoring. I am usually available on weekdays, weekends and evenings, and my prices are very reasonable and based on your needs. Some of my specialties include model headshots and portfolios, fashion and beauty photography, glamour portraiture, dance photography, macro photography, lighting techniques, and personal photographic instruction - both in the studio and on location.


          I also teach many different workshops on all aspects of photography and on digital enhancement techniques, formerly at the Washington School of Photography (WSP) and the Maryland Photographic Workshops (MPW) as well as at my personal studio and on location. I am located in the Silver Spring/ Rockville area of Montgomery County, MD. Go to the next section of this website (Upcoming Workshops) to see the courses I offer there. Before the MPW ceased operation in November of 2017,  their offerings inluded me teaching most of their workshops, plus I taught in their 1 year Professional Photography Program, which was a series of classes which covered you everything you needed to know to become a professional photographer.


          A little history: MPW ceased operation due to the lack of new professional students, which formed the core of their offerings. The Washington School of Photography (WSP; where I taught for over 36 years and held various administrative positions including Associate Director and Technical Director) ceased operations in August of 2016, due to being taken into Chapter 7 bankruptcy by it's sister organization, the Washington Artworks. WSP had joined Washington Artworks in 2013 to become the largest non-profit 501(c)3 arts organization in the metro area. The combined organizations then leased a 35,000 square foot facility to operate, and at one time had over 65 separate artists as residents in their facility. Unfortunately, Washington Artworks was not able to effectively manage all of the space, and soon fell into arrears of their lease requirements, despite the WSP continuing to generate a significant profit. Since they were now one organization, they both went under.  MPW was formed as a MD non-profit corporation by several WSP instructors, including myself, in August of 2016, primarily to rescue the 20 or so professional students that were in the middle of their program and that would have been left hanging. We are proud to say that all of the professional students that stayed with us, were able to successfully graduate with the MD accredited Cetificate in Professional Photography that they had signed up for, due partially to the encouragement and cooperation of the Maryland Board of Higher Education which administers the vocational school programs.


          As mentioned above, for information and more details on my personal instruction and/or personal workshops, visit the Upcoming Workshops heading on the top of my website pages. There you will find a listing of the workshops I will be teaching in the future, and well as some of the personal instruction topics that I teach.


          Please contact me for further information or quotes at my personal email at don@donbeckerphotography.com, or see the Contact Us page on this website for further options. Contact me also to purchase prints of any of the images shown on this website.



AshletD-1 - Ashley  was looking at another photographer when I took this image, but I really like her expression and composition.


AshleyD-2 - The soft light coming though the open doorway of the studio is very flattering, similar to windowlight portraiture.


AshleyD-3 - I really liked the bold geometric pattern of the stome wall, so I used it as a background for this portrait. Her strait looking into the lens of the camera seems to accentualte the boldness of the background.


AdriaD-1  - This photo was taken in the doorway of the studio, when we were first going out. This type of lighting I would call 'windowlight portrait" lighting - even though there was no window!


AdriaD-2 - This is a high key portrait, taken in an open area with a light background, which I chose to eliminate entirely. This is beautiful soft lighting found in the shade of a building.


AdriaD-3 - This portrait was taken in a car lot next to a sports car dealer. The sunlight was blinding, and I chose to make the photo almost posterized. She was facing away from the light, and with her had the exposure was based on her face, and the rest was allowed to be very over-exposed.


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