Studio Fashion Photography Workshop - August 12, 2018


The studio fashion workshop I co-taught with fashion photographer Beverli Alford was an exciting look into the photographic techniques used by many professional fashion photographers. It started out with the the exotic look of model Tatjana in a series of Haute Couture styles and looks. That was followed by model Serena with a selection of Lifestyle looks and techniques. Beverli also provided a handout describing the various fashion styles and techniques.  This supplemented my handout containing a variety of lighting diagrams and suggestions and tips for showing your model at their very best. But, one thing stood out... it is the model (and the makeup!) who starts out by providing the look. It is up to the photographer to take that look and lighting it and photographing it to produce an image/images that tell the story that the client wants told. Photographs with IMPACT are needed, in order to make the viewer stop and take a good long look at the product being sold.


Below are four images of mine taken during the workshop, two of which have been processed to B&W. Monochrome is often used in fashion magazines and advertisements, both because B&W printing is much cheaper that color printing, and also because the image composition is much more dramatic in B&W than in color. The B&W images also have a retro type of look, that is often used in editorial type fashion.


This was an excellent experience for many of the participants, and they seemed to really enjoy the workshop!


Outdoor Portraiture Workshop - June 24,2018


Our June 24th Outdoor Portraiture Workshop was a great success! We had two excellent models, Ashley and Adria, and used the many photo opportunities in areas surrounding the outside of the studio (within walking distance on either side) plus a park not far away, as our "outside studio". We also did a few "windowlight portraits" using the open door of the studio. Fortunately the rain held off and it was not too hot or humid. Three of my photos of each model are below.


I think one of the most important concepts of this workshop was that you can find interesting background areas for your outdoor portraits virtually anywhere you are, you are only limited by your imagination. Plus, of course, the lighting.  Whenever you have a very bright sunlight to contend with, all you have to do is find some share area or an overhanging porch or roof to help you. Then again, with bright sunlight you can just use a wide brimmed hat, like my portrait of Adria, below. The bright sun on the bright yellow sports car almost looks posterized!



AshletD-1 - Ashley  was looking at another photographer when I took this image, but I really like her expression and composition.


AshleyD-2 - The soft light coming though the open doorway of the studio is very flattering, similar to windowlight portraiture.


AshleyD-3 - I really liked the bold geometric pattern of the stome wall, so I used it as a background for this portrait. Her strait looking into the lens of the camera seems to accentualte the boldness of the background.


AdriaD-1  - This photo was taken in the doorway of the studio, when we were first going out. This type of lighting I would call 'windowlight portrait" lighting - even though there was no window!


AdriaD-2 - This is a high key portrait, taken in an open area with a light background, which I chose to eliminate entirely. This is beautiful soft lighting found in the shade of a building.


AdriaD-3 - This portrait was taken in a car lot next to a sports car dealer. The sunlight was blinding, and I chose to make the photo almost posterized. She was facing away from the light, and with her had the exposure was based on her face, and the rest was allowed to be very over-exposed.


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